Sir Kyriion Dagoss Bloodstarr, Last Mindorian Knight, Order of the Star Guard

Noble CL-1/Soldier CL-2/Force Adapt CL-3


Sir Kyriion Dagoss Bloodstarr is the last of his household still surviving. after the massacre of House Bloodstar during the Battle of Mindor.

Background of House Bloodstarr

The Mandalorian Noble House Bloodstarr consisted of Clan Bloodstarr and Clan Bloodmoon. Clan Bloodmoon stayed on Madalore, while Clan Bloodstarr relocated to the planet Concord Dawn. Once there, Clan Bloodstarr joined the Protectors of Concord Dawn. When the Imperials occupied Mandalore, Clan Bloodmoon was wiped out by the rebel Mandalorian Death Watch who had allied themselves with the Empire.

Fearing the Death Watch would also try to destroy their clan to complete the fall of House Bloodstarr, Clan Bloodstarr fled Concord Dawn and traveled to Taspan I, an Inner Rim agricultural world. The locals called the planet Mindor, refusing to use the Galactic standard name. As a planet, Mindor has little to offer the glaractic community other than its vast landmasses, which would have been ideal for farming. Mindor has four medium sized moons in very close proximity to the planet. There are some legends about the strange configuration of the moons, but no one has ever bothered to explore them to find out if there is any truth in the legends. For reasons unknown, the Mindorians actively discourage any investigation of the moons.

Hidden on this agri-world was a secret unknown to the Galaxy at large and rarely mentioned to any non-Mindorian.. An ancient temple was located in the Razor Mountains, and the Mindorians used this temple to house an elite group of warriors. Originally known as the HIgh Order of the Guard; however, when space travel became common place, the Guard evolved to become known as the Order of the Star Guard. The members of the Mindorian Star Guard Order were the most elite warriors the planet could field. Their selection, training, and purposes were shrouded in secrecy by the Mindorians.

The rigorous training required to become a member of the Mindorian Order of the Star Guard ended in a secret ceremony where each Star Guard was given a set of wrist bands. These bands were placed around the candidate’s wrists by an ancient machine. If the machine decided the candidate was acceptable, the bands appeared. if not, the bands did not form, and the candidate was sent from the Order to serve elsewhere in the military, with no stigma of rejection. No one really quite understood how the machine made its decision, so there was no shame in not being chosen.

The bands are sealed in such a way they could never be removed without the loss of a limb, and once removed from the body of a Star Guard, the bands quickly ceased whatever mysterious functions they had, often with explosive results.

The wrist bands served as both a badge of office and as a form of identification. These bands also allowed members of the Star Guard to operate the ancient machines hidden deep within the Razor Mountains. Somehow, the bands would record any battles the Guard had while wearing them, and could transmit the data back to the machines in the mountain. The battles could then be reviewed and used for training.

House Bloodstarr was known for producing some of the finest Mandalorian warriors, so it was only natural they quickly gravitated to serving in the the Star Guard. The Bloodstarr’s quickl;y became famous for becoming Star Guards and doing great deeds to protect Mindor. One of the Bloodstarr’s even earned the title “Protector of Mindor”. It was only natural that Kyriion Dagoss of House Bloodstarr became a candidate for the Order as soon as he was of age. Kyriian recieved his wrist bands on 2.6.13 BBY and was assigned to the Governor of Mindar’s protection detail. Lt. Kyriion and other Star Guards went under cover as simple guardsman and ended up foiling an assassination attempt. For his part in the event, Kyriion was knighted by House Bloodstarr.

War came to Mindor in 5.5 ABY, General Luke Skywalker and Fenn Shysa’s Mandalorian Protectors fought the forces of Lord Shadowspawn to the last man on the battlefields of this world. The battle devastated the planet, and the extreme loss of life convinced Skywalker to resign his commission. The Battle of Mindor would be known throughout the Galaxy as one of the bloodiest battles in the history of the Republic. The loss of life was almost beyond fathoming as neither side provided or asked for quarter during the battle. The vast grasslands were turned to ash from both Republic and Imperial orbital bombardments. The planet’s ecosystem was destroyed and most of the planet became unable to support any form or life.

During the Battle of Mindor, House Bloodstarr was designated a priority target by Lord Shadowspawn’s intelligence agents. The warriors of House Bloodstar were consistently winning battles, even against units re-enforced with Sith adapts.

Discovering that the Empire had singled out their noble house, House Bloodstarr threw everything they had against the Empire. Every member of the house who could use a weapon joined the battle. However, an Imperial Assassination squad, aided by the Sith adapts sent by Lord Shadowspwn, managed to smuggle a biological weapon into the heart of House Bloodstarr and set it off. House Bloodstarr was virtually destroyed overnight.

Sir Kyriion’s Personal Background (after the Battle of Mindor)

Sir Kyriion Dagoss was captured and taken off world before the defeat of Lord Shadowspawn. Kyriion was forced through the modified Imperial Power Guard enhancement project The Power Guard project was a secret project originally developed by the Republic. A Sith double agent managed to gain access to top secret Republic weapon development plans and passed the information onto the Empire. Imperial spies infiltrated and stole the data on the Power Guard project from a secret Republic laboratory on Tanis, eliminating the scientists who ran it.

The Power Guard project was the Republic’s answer to the rise of Force users. The Republic wanted to have soldiers powerful enough to deal with rogue Jedi and the Sith. The process was modified by the Imperial Science Corps under the Emperor’s direction to create a new force adapt/soldier who would serve as his Imperial Guard. This new solider would be able to use the Force without having to follow either the Jedi or Sith traditions. They would be Force Adapts who were conditioned to be completely loyal to the Emperor. Unlike Sith apprentices. the Imperial guard would never be ambitious enough to challange the Emperor for power. The Mindorian prisoners were viewed simply as “expendable” test subjects used to perfect the process.

The process turned out to have less than a 1 in 10 survival rate. And if the test subject survived, only one in a hundred of the survivors remained sane and lucid after being conditioned. The mental strength necessary to use the Force was a direct stumbling block to the Imperial conditioning. Those who could not cope, became broken, with no will of their own, mindless husks with no self direction. They would be used as “cannon fodder” during the final push against the Republic on Mindor. The savagery of the these final battles shook both sides to their core.

Sir Kyriion not only survived the process of becoming a Force Adapt, but kept his sanity and his hatred of the Empire. As soon as he was able, he fought his way free of the Empire’s hold – destroying the Power Guard project as he fled. He was made an outlaw by Imperial decree and fled to the Outer Rim to escape the bounty hunters and Imperial guard.

While undergoing the power guard process, Kyriion had heard one Imperial officer tell another about a brother officer who claimed he had found the fabled “Star Sword” of House Bloodstarr and claimed it as his portion of the plunder from the planet.

Kyriion suddenly had a new lease on life, he had both a focus and a mission. He would recover the blade and restore honor to the House Bloodstarr or die trying. The ancient Bloodstarr fire blade known as the “Star Sword” had been passed down from Father to son for centuries. As the last of his line, the sword was rightfully his,it was his destiny to wield it against the Empire! Kyriion vowed to recover the blade no matter what it took or where it took him. No one would stand in his way.

Kyriion’s search for the ancient artifact lead him to several dark quarters of the Galaxy and numerous bloody encounters with a number of Imperials, pirates, artifact collectors, and outlaws alike. He earned the name Deathdealer for his martial prowess and ruthlessness. The modified Madalorian crimson armor he adopted as his personal signature became as feared as any of the ancient Mandalorian Death Watch. The long search required Kyriion use all of the abilities the Empire had taught him to stay alive, competing against those who sought to turn him in and those who also searched for the Star Sword, but at last he tracked the Imperial Officer and the Star Sword to the Robber’s Roost outlaw space station.

Kyriion hired on as a mercenary to get onto the station. Once there, he confronted the Imperial officer who had the sword, and, using the force abilities grafted onto him by the Empire, he terminated him with extreme prejudice. Kyriion retrieved the sword from what was left his dead body.

Upon laying his hand on the hilt of the Star Sword, the Star Guard wrist band he wore lit up and a voice came from it saying, “Sir Kyriion Bloodstarr, Blood kin of the Jedi House Halcyon, Last Mindorian Knight, Deathdealer of the Star Guard, you are recognized and accepted. The power of the Star Sword is now yours to command. Long live your noble house!”

Emanating from his Star Guard wist band, this voice caught Kyriion completely by surprise. As far as Kyriion knew, the wrist bands were just an advanced badge of office marking him as a Star Guard. He was never told if they had any other function. Many items were locked against all but the Star Guard, their bands were able to authenticate them, so they were trusted completely by the Mindorian, much like the Jedi.

What else could the wrist bands do now that they were linked with a Star Sword? Only time would reveal the truth behind purposes of these mysterious ancient artifacts. Meanwhile, by killing the Imperial officer, Kyriion Deathdealer had just added even more money to the Imperial bounty on his head. He needed a way off the Roost before he had to cut his way out through the bounty hunters and Imperial agents who would be looking for him. Fortunately, he came across a couple of Togorians who had a big problem, a problem he could help with…..

Sir Kyriion Dagoss Bloodstarr, Last Mindorian Knight, Order of the Star Guard

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