Biggs Darklighter

Biggs Darklighter was considered to be one the best star pilots in the Rebel Alliance. Biggs had created two maneuvers which were named after him which helped the often outnumbered rebel fighters survive against the Imperial forces.

He developed the Darklighter Spin and the Darklighter Weave – two different advanced manoeuvres which allowed Rebel Alliance pilots to score heavily against the Imperial forces. The Darklighter Spin worked extremely well against TIE fighters, allowing the Rebel pilots to seemingly score at will. The Darklighter Weave was a complex maneuver involving multiple star fighters which confused the Empires targeting systems allowing the fighter to close enough to do significant damage against battle ships.

Biggs was killed at the Battle of Yavin. He was protecting Luke Skywalker by flying escort to protect his back along with Red Five, Wedge Antillies, as they flew down the long trench during Luke’s last run against the Death Star. Darth Vader was able to shoot down Biggs, killing him, but did not kill Wedge Antillies, although he damaged Wedge’s X-Wing severely enough that Wedge was forced to withdraw from the fight.

Bigg’s sacrifice was considered to be in the highest tradition of the Rebel Force and he is considered a hero by practically all pilots.

Biggs Darklighter

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