Battle of Jakku

The planet Jakku, A Few Years Ago

It was just a little over a year after the Battle for Endor and destruction of the Emperor leading toward the end of the Galactic Civil War, when a massive space battle took place in the Outer Rim of the Galaxy, centered on the desert world of Jakku, a space battle that should have never happened in the first place….

A small New Republic listening post on the desert world of Jakku became the center of one of the largest fleet actions between the remains of the Galactic Empire and the New Republic. Jakku was located even farther out in the Outer Rim than Tatooine, Luke’s home planet. Jakku was planet with nothing to offer but miles of the empty desert.

Both the Republic and the Empire had sent fleets out to the Outer Rim as a way to avoid being tracked by the inner space systems. The 132nd Imperial Fleet Battle Group the “Iron Demons" was detected by the long range sensor net by the Jakku listening post ; and a message was sent to the Republic alerting them of the presence of the Imperial battle fleet. Unfortunately, the Galactic Empire also detected the message and informed the Iron Demons commander, Grand Moff Randd that they had been spotted.

A small task force of Imperial ships were detached from the fleet and sent to destroy the listening post. This should have been an easy task for the Imperials. However, much to the amazement of the Imperial task force, the listening post hung doggedly on, surviving a brutal orbital bombardment, and requiring a landing of ground troops to attempt to destroy the post from the ground

The post continued sending data about the Iron Demon fleet, including revealing it had one Executor class Star Dreadnought (Ravager) and one Imperial class Star Destroyer (Inflictor). This information prompted the Republic to send the New Republic Star Fleet under the command of Grand Admiral Gial Ackbar to intercept the Iron Demons.

The operation to destroy the New Republic’s listening post was taking far longer than it should have, given the relative strengths of the two combatants. The reason it was taking so long to defeat the small force stationed at the listening post, was a young Jedi who managed to inspire his fellow soldiers to achieve the impossible, time after time doing amazing feats of bravery which held the Imperials at bay. The young Jedi knew the listening posts only hope was to hang on long enough for help to arrive.

A small New Republic battle group, far ahead of the main fleet, mangled to get a wave of star fighters launched while it caught up. The star fighters arrived on site in time to attack the Imperial ships, catching them by surprise and inflicting heavy losses.

With the star fighters keeping the Imperial ships pinned down, the New Republic battle group arrived and after a hard battle destroyed the Imperial task force. However, the commander of the Imperial force did manage to get a garbled message out to the main fleet about the attack.

The Iron Demons fleet immediately altered course upon learning of the loss of the task force,. Based the garbled message received, Grand Moff Randd and Captain Cienna Ree came to believe there were far greater forces stationed at the planet, but they would be inferior to the fire power of the fleet.

Planning to use his far superior numbers and the massive firepower of the Ravager and Inflictor to destroy the rebel battle base and battle group, the Grand Moff knew the New Republic could not possibly have much more than a few small battle groups out in the Outer Rim. Hoping to drawing them in, so he could defeat them piecemeal, he eagerly looked forward to the upcoming battle.

“We’re headed toward a large standoff with the rebels. We’re committing a fair portion of the fleet, and if the damned Rebellion wants to stand a chance of keeping that sector, they’ll have to do the same. This promises to be the largest battle since Endor.”
―Grand Moff Randd

By the time the Iron Demon fleet arrived, so had the New Republic Star Fleet. Admiral Ackbar immediately had the 122nd Alliance Task Force, commanded by General Carlist Rieekan, diverted to the listening post to provide assistance on the ground. Finally, the battered survivors would get a break from the unrelenting attacks by the Imperial troops. Upon seeing the size of the various forces arrayed against them, both Fleet Commanders immediately sent out requests for all other available forces to respond and join in the battle.

What started as a small battle over a tiny base quickly escalated into one of the largest fleet actions ever fought between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire. Each side poured in reinforcements into the massive meat grinder the Battle of Jakku had become. Hundreds of ships on both sides were damaged or destroyed as the battle raged on all across the system.

“Here we have the desert world of Jakku—worthless on its own but soon to live forever in history as the place where the Empire defeated the Rebellion once and for all.”
―Randd, during the planning of the Battle of Jakku

Finally, some semblance of sanity returned to the commanders and strategists back at both the Republic and Imperial headquarters as they realized they were battling to the death for a insignificant outpost far out in the barren reaches of the Outer Rim. There was no payoff for costs of this battle.

The Republic gave the orders to evacuate the listening post and withdraw from the battle as soon as possible. Imperial orders were much the same, save as many ships as possible for later battles, by withdrawing from this one.

Both fleets began to disengage from the thick of the fighting. What was left of the heavily mauled 132nd Iron Demons fleet finally retreated in response to a direct order from the Emperor, quickly moving out once they realized the Republic was not following.

The New Republic claimed victory, but the loss of manpower, equipment, and star ships made it a Pyrrhic victory at best. The Imperial Fleet lost the last Super Star Destroyer in the fleet, the Ravager. The Imperials are also forced to scuttle the Imperial Class Star Destroyer Inflictor, as it was to damaged to make the jump to light speed.

Meanwhile, the Republic lost many corvettes, medium transports, star cruisers, and escort frigates. Hundreds of various star fighters on both sides were damaged or lost. The ground action has also been particularity bloody and the loss of both men and materials was staggering.

In order to deny the Empire any usable war materials, Admiral Ackbar ordered that all remaining ships, including the Raptor and Inflictor, were to simply tractored into the gravity well of Jakku to crash. Thus, The New Republic accidentally created the single biggest star ship junkyard in the universe. The earlier fighting had most destroyed the ecology of the desert planet and ravaged the surface, so the impacts of the massive star ships were just the icing on the cake.

So many ships were dumped on Jakku, it became a center of a fairly large “salvage rush” where scavengers and adventurers from all parts of the Galaxy risked their lives to find sellable materials – guns, droids, parts of all kinds. The Republic and Empire agents bought the salvaged war materials from the host of independent scavengers who showed up to pick the bones of the crashed ships. A small port was built by some of the larger corporations, who had moved in to try and get the best of the salvage. To help defray the cost, the corporations licensed space to independent businesses to provide food, hotels, shopping, etc. The port “Salvage One” was born and became the center of all salvage activities.

Battle of Jakku

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