Trig Mabbu

Ithorian Noble CL-5


Physical Descirption

Trig is typical for an Ithorian, standing approximately 2.05 m (6’ 9") tall with long necks that curl forward and end in a dome-shaped head. He has two mouths, one on each side of the neck which produce a stereo effect when he speaks.

Size: Medium
Weight: 105 kg


Trig Mibbu – Ithorian Noble
Age: 40 years old.

Younger years.

Trig was named after his Great Grandfather who was the first of his family to become leader of the herd ship known as the “_Green Mother_”. Trig currently carries with him a spear that belonged to his Great Grandfather who carried it when he was a young Ithorian. Trig was fascinated with weapon training, and reading about heroes who flew across the stars. This put him in a difficult position since most Ithorians were talented artists, brilliant agricultural engineers, and skilled diplomats. Peaceful and gentle, Ithorians normally avoid violence, preferring to find economic or diplomatic solutions to any conflicts. Trig’s study of weapons was frowned upon by most of his family.

Trig soon set up a trading company with his friend Calc, who brokered deals with other merchants. Their company, Acquisitions Incorporated, dealt primarily with trading legal goods and medical supplies. Trig and Calc wanted to set up a trade of kolto to the outer planets who could not afford bacta from the core worlds. The problem with Kolto is that it is only grown on Manaan, and they have a very tight grip on it being harvested and grown. They were working on a way to bring back the Kolto market. Kolto is known to have mysterious properties, besides that of healing. So Calc and Trig worked on a way to synthesize their own Kolto.

Calc was last known to have been on Alderaan where he was to procure some sensitive supplies needed in the synthesizing of kolto, and was still there when the Empire blew the planet up. Trig has not heard from his friend ever since, and assumes he was killed by the Empire.

Trig decided to finish his half of the mission, but this time, he would have a new objective. Trig. was looking for a lost Manaan frigate that was supposedly lost in the outer rim. The Manaan’s are not known for wanting to travel off-worldt, especially in large numbers.

However, after the great civil war, they wanted to settle a new planet in order to grow and experiment more with kolto. They were financed by the Old jedi Order, who wanted to help the Manaan’s unlock the full healing potential of kolto, and to see if they could find the other uses for the liquid.

The Manaans did not want to endanger their precious ecosystem so they built their own massive frigate, that was a self contained ecosystem where they could create kolto. The ship was called the Dark Blue, and it took off on a journey to the a far corner of the galaxy to run its experiments.

Trig’s Plan

The best part of the Trig’s plan to recover the Dark Blue, is that only two people seem to know about it, himself and his friend, Calc. However, with Calc now presumed dead, and that leaves Trig to find the Dark Blue.

With the Dark Blue he could have a mobile lab of medical supplies that would never run out, and he could sell it to the many desperately needy colonies for a huge profit. Since the bacta resources were tied up by the inner rim.

However, searching the Galaxy the eco-ship is proving expensive, and so Trig had to find a way to get lots of money. Even though Calc was dead, Trig knew how to access his friend’s trust fund, so he started using Calc’s trust fund to buy up important people’s debts. It was pretty easy, a rich noble or bureaucrat would get into a financial trouble, and have to borrow money from a crime lord. The crime lords would extort the nobles out of thousands of credits in interest and fees, and have them on the hook.

So, as a fellow noble and not a crime lord, Trig would offer to buy up their debts privately in exchange for something he needed. Trig used Calc’s trust fund money, or money he earned from their company trading, to buy the debts. Trig would never use his own personal money. Trig has never really told anyone that Calc was dead, in fact, he’s sort of let people believe that Calc was alive and well, but on secret mission trade mission for the company. It was for their own good really.

Trig would buy up the debts, and use this as leverage to get other things, like special access to wholesale trade items, pay slicers to read through people’s private libraries, or get information about various ship movements. Trig always knew that money is good, but knowledge is always better. He spent his younger years running around with the younger nobles who were always trying to gain social status and position, so he knew how quick they were to give away things if it meant they could keep their money and illusion of power. So he used it to get items he could sell on the black market.

He would also use the information to find out about trade ships that were not so protected and ripe for the taking. The best part is, the nobles would arrange his ship robberies, because the insurance money would pay back the nobles, so why would they care if a few peons were to suffer.

In his travels across the galaxy, Trig started to put together a small band to help him out. He even lucked out on getting a Jedi, interested in his plans. He figured if anyone would have records or hear lore about this jedi financed ship, it would have to be a jedi.

The Jawa was sort of a blunder in disguise, he didn’t even know what a jawa was at first, but that little bugger sure knows his way around electronics. The odds are that when they find the Dark Blue, the electronic equipment may be a mess,and the Jawa will be useful. He also just needed muscle, because the underworld was a cruel place.

Trig Mabbu

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