Togorian Soldier CL-5


Name: Mmurn
Physical Description:
Height: 7’2"
Weight: 380 lbs.
Eye Color: Jade
Physical Appearance: Extremely muscular
Planet of Origin: Belabbes (Togorian colony)



At 19 Mmurn’s mother Nissa sent him to Tarnalla the nearest town to get some red thread and butter. When Mmurn hadn’t come home by the next day his father Mmertan went into town looking for him. Mmertan discovered that his son had volunteered for the army and had already shipped out for basic training. Mmurn hated ranching and if he never saw the back end of a Flarn again it would be too soon.

Mmurn loved basic training. The physical training was no problem to a boy raised on a ranch and the weapons training and hand to hand combat training was fun. When Mmurn completed his 12 weeks of basic training he went on to advanced infantry combat training which he completed at the top of his class. Mmurn was posted to the 75th Demi-Brigade.

Two years into Mmurn’s initial 5 year enlistment Clegg Hedgelan a Nosaurian Emissary from the Rebel Allaince came to Nissa to negotiate for troops to support the liberation of the Twi’lek colony world of Vogelsang. Clegg was successful and the 75th Demi-Brigade was selected to accompany him. The Rebel forces the 75th were assigned to support were an infantry division cobbled together from a variety of races. Most of the regiments in the division were newly raised and had very little experience. In particular the officers had little to no field experience except for the commander Brigadier Elphinstun a Bothan who was over 120 years old. The Chief of Staff Colonel Boskk was a Tradoshan firebrand with no respect for his commander.

The initial landings went well with the planetary governor and his supporters fleeing and the rest of the inhabitants greeting them as deliverers. There was so little fighting that the Rebels found the ferocious appearance of the Togorians in the 75th Demi-Brigade embarrassing. So they sent the division to which the Togorians were attached to the remote mountain province of Caphiran. The newly elected governor had already built a camp for the division including an airfield and an artillery park. While the 75th was barracked as a unit operationally they were assigned one squad to a Rebel company to provide heavy weapons support. The Togorians due to their size and strength used heavy weapons as their standard individual weapon. Every 10 Togor squad had eight members armed with either Blaster Cannons or Heavy Repeating Blasters with the last two armed with a Missile Launcher and a Grenade Launcher. Every member of the squad carried extra missile or grenade magazines.

For the first four months everything was quiet with the daily patrols finding no evidence of Imperial resistance. Then the Caphiran governor Deel Fortuna reported that he had received intelligence that there was going to be an attempt to sabotage the Rebel aircraft. Colonel Boskk bullied General Elphinstun in to parking the aircraft in the middle of the runway to make it easier to guard them. Two days later an Imperial Strike Force appeared over Vogelsang and attacked every rebel garrison on the planet. The first air-strike at the Caphiran base took out the runway and every aircraft parked on it. Minutes later the artillery park and all the artillery blew up. It had been built on top of a massive demolition charge. The Imperial troops came out of hiding and began to snipe at and bombard the camp with light artillery. Against orders Colonel Boskk took out a brigade to drive off the imperials. He made it back with the equivalent of two platoons including two consolidated squads of Togorians covering the retreat.

The next day Governor Deel Fortuna offered to broker a deal allowing the Rebels to retreat from his province unmolested. General Elphinstun had little hope of holding the camp without artillery, anti-aircraft weapons or any fighters. The Imperials had complete air superiority and could destroy them at any time. General Elphinstun agreed and the next morning the division prepared to leave. The Togorian regulars were ready to go at dawn but the green Rebels were much slower and it was noon before they began to leave the camp. Snipers immediately began to fire on the camp. General Elphinstun refused to allow any return fire for fear it would provoke an all out attack. It was a two day march to the first of the two passes they had to traverse to get out of the province and join up with other Rebel units that still had air support.

When they reached the Quord pass they found it held by Vogelsang and Imperial troops. Deel Fortuna offered to negotiate their passage if they would wait till the next day. During the night a blizzard struck and lasted for two days. Thousands of the Rebels froze in the deepening snow. When the storm cleared Deel told General Elphinstun that the pass was open for his use. As the division reach the point where they were all in the pass the Twi’lek and Imperial troops hidden on top of sides of the pass opened fire and an armoured regiment closed the pass behind them. All day they advanced through the pass under constant fire. The only bright spot was that the Imperial fighters had to come down into the pass to strafe the column bringing them in range of the Togorian heavy weapons. Since the fighters couldn’t dodge in the pass the shear weight of fire was deadly. Around midnight they reached the small plateau between the Quord pass and the Jugdulluk pass. At dawn Deel Fortuna called for a meeting under a flag of truce. He insisted that all senior officers attend unarmed. Seeing no hope in resistance General Elphinstun overrode his officers objections and went to the meeting. Deel took them all prisoner and demanded the surrender of the army.

The Rebel troops panicked and fled into the Jugdulluk pass. Major Tarn held the 75th together and they advanced into the pass taking both sides under suppressing fire to cover the flight of the Rebel division. Soon whatever Rebel survivors there were had passed from sight and the enemy fire was concentrated on the 75th. Realizing they had to get out of the pass Major Tarn ordered one third of the remaining troops to provide covering fire while the rest slung arms and tried to scale the cliffs on the left side of the pass. Less than half of the Togorians climbing the pass made it to the top and all of the troops covering their assent died doing it. The remnants of the 75th who reached the top maddened by betrayal and the death of their comrades killed everyone they found there with fang and claw. The only non-Togorian to have stuck with them was Ambassador Hedgelan. Three days later the 75th reached a position where they could be evacuated. Ambassador Hedgelan, impressed by the courage and honor of the 75th, swore an oath of friendship with the survivors and promised to do all in his power to help any of them that needed it. They have only to ask.

It had been a planetary trap set by the Empire with the assistance of the Twi’leks of Vogelsang. Mmurn and most of the other survivors swore an oath to never be a friend to the Twi’leks. Mmurn also swore a private oath to kill Deel Fortuna if he ever got the chance. Since then there have been five assassination attempts on Deel Fortuna by members of the 75th. So Governor Fortuna has placed a bounty on all survivors of the 75th. Later Mmurn heard that General Elphinstun had died in captivity but Colonel Boskk had been exchanged and, based on his own self serving report, was considered a hero of the Rebellion.

At the Board of Inquery into the disaster the members of the 75th called to testify were the only experienced soldiers called and thus the only ones who testified to Boskk’s errors of judgement. Master Sergeant Mmurn was probably the most damaging witness as the senior surviving member of the 75th. Mmurn promised himself to frag Boskk if he ever had the chance. Colonel Boskk, on the other hand, has developed a hatred of Togorians and in particular one Mmurn.

After returning to Belabbes the 75th was rebuilt. At the completion of his enlistment Mmurn returned home to visit his parents bringing the red thread and butter he had been sent for 5 years previously.

Still having no desire to return to Ranching Mmurn joined a mercenary unit going off world and fought in several minor campaigns. Ambassador Hedgelan was always a good reference when he applied to a new unit. Then he signed on as a security guard for a ships company. Spent some time as a bouncer in numerous bars on several worlds. Then one night as he was circulating through the bar he came upon an Ithorian trying to negotiate a deal. Somehow the Ithorian managed to insult the Trandoshan he was negotiating with. Mmurn had to quiet the Trandoshan and placed him in a booth to sleep it off.

The Ithorian offered Mmurn a job as a bodyguard at a very nice salary with the opportunity to travel while guarding him. So far it’s been a cushy job.


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