Jedi CL-5


Physical Description..

Sqibb are small , rodent-like humanoids with pink skin covered in fur who stands a little over three feet tall and weigh roughly 22 kg. Lyra has a short muzzle with a black nose, and two tufted ears which rise well above her head. Her ears are highly mobile and can adjust to point in different directions to help detect even the faintest sounds. She has overly large eyes, set on the sides of the head which are a brilliant amber color. Unusual for her species, Lyra has purple colored fur.

Since squib eyes are large in relation to their skulls, and this,-combined with their large, tufted ears-gives the Squib a somewhat comical appearance to the rest of the galaxy. However, their mouths are full of forbidding, sharp, white teeth, and their flexible cheeks are capable of storing items. Like most of her species, Lyra wears clothes (normally a Jedi robe) and is very found of footwear, having several different pairs of shoes.

For Squibb, their fur serves two purposes. It protects them against the climate and provides an additional olfactory sense. Squibs can “taste” objects by rubbing them on their fur. This enables them to tell if the object is fake or not and often provided surprising insight to the function of the object.

_"You’re like a nexu! One color when you’re a baby, another when you’re grown up!"
―Allana Solo, on the dappled fur of a growing Squib

As they mature, their fur changes color to their adult hue. This was another area where Lyra departed from the norm, since her fur was a deep purple, a color almost completely unheard of on her planet.

She speaks basic and Squibbian.
Age: 23
Size: Small (+1 size bonus to reflex defence, and +5 size bonus for stealth checks).
Must use smaller weapons than Medium-size.
Get +5 species bonus to Persuasion when haggling.



Personality: Most Squibs are cheerful, curious, and overconfident to the point of egotism. Although these traits make them likeable at first, long-term associates eventually view Squibs as either mildly annoying or downright obnoxious. Lyra was somewhat of an anomaly in that she was rarely cheerful, only mildly curious, and not overconfident at all. Lyra was that most rare of Squibs, she was practical and entirely too serious! Not only was Lyra not interested in haggling and deal-making, she also did not have the Squibbian habit of picking up anything of interest whether it belonged to her or not. There were several other small behaviours which ended up distancing Lyra from her contemporaries always making her feel out of step with her people.

_"Squibs. They’ll sell you a bucket of air if you let them, and keep the bucket."
―Han Solo

As all Squibs, Lyra was born and raised on Skor II. Coming from a family of diplomats, Lyra grew up under the impression that she, too, would become a diplomat, hoping to address problems and help people throughout the galaxy. As the oldest of three children, Lyra felt an obligation to do whatever she could to help make the galaxy a better place for her younger siblings and their future. However, she did not believe that simply gathering junk and bargaining was going to make this happen.

When Lyra grew to a teenager, her intellect and “peculiarities” became more and more evident.
Although Squib Jedi do exist, they are exceedingly rare. A few Squibs had a talent for the Force. Some Force-sensitive members of the species had no knowledge of their gifts and remained on Skor II, but others were trained as Jedi. Lyra had a feeling that she was sensitive to the Force, but it was based on books she’d read as a child. A popular series of children’s stories from the time of the Republic focused on a roguish Squib Jedi who was rumored to be based on a real individual. The series went to several volumes; one volume was Busteromuchmacho and the Arc to Infinity, the third was titled Busteromuchmacho and the Vermilion Shadow. Lyra loved the Vermilion Shadow book and re-read it often.

When a Jedi Master landed on the planet and requested an audience with Lyra, no one could have been more surprised that Lyra, herself! The Jedi Master, Nomi Sunrider, informed Lyra that she had seen Lyra in a Force Vision and would become her Master and teach her the skills of the Jedi. Lyra was to be the first Squib Jedi in generations.

Though reluctant, Lyra agreed to train with Nomi due to the promise of skills that she would be able to use to more effectively enact justice throughout the Galaxy (much like her storybook hero). Nomi had even brought with her a most unusual light saber. She explained the Force had led her to it, and it was to be Lyra’s once she had passed her training. Lyra was almost overcome with wonder, the light saber was the exact image of the light saber used by Busteromuchmacho in the Jedi Squib books!

So Lyra agreed to become a Padawan to the Jedi Master Nomi and left Skor II for the galaxy beyond. Lyra found out that Nomi had been trained by on of the greatest female Jedi Masters, Siri Tachi, and her training had begin when she was just a child. So Nomi knew how to teach the small Squib the techniques most suited to her diminutive size. As a padawan to Nomi, she had to travel off planet with her master on various missions her Master undertook for the Jedi Council. Although to be fair, many though Nomi was be reckless by having a Squib as a Padawan. Even smaller and lighter than Yoda, a Squib had not been trained as a Jedi in hundreds of years. However, Nomi was adamant that her Force Vision showed Lyra as a Jedi. As Lyra gained more skills, Nomi would sometimes travel ahead of her padawan to get a feel of the place, so Lyra could arrive later and operate with little interference, since a Jedi Squib was something no one believed to be possible.

It was during her latest assignment with Nomi, that Lyra travelled to the planet, Jakku, arriving a few days after her Master. Unlike previous missions, Lyra was not able to locate her Master through the Force. Lyra searched through the city but could find no trace of her Master. But she did notice no one was talking either way. This was indeed unusual, as a Jedi Master was almost always remembered by somebody. Perhaps Nomi had decided to not land a Jakku, or simply landed and then had to leave on Jedi Council business. It was most unlike Nomi to not leave any message for her Padawan. Lyra reasoned that perhaps Nomi already left the planet, or encountered some unforeseen difficulty. Either way, Lyra was to stay put until her Master contacted her, or until after a certain amount of time passed. Once that happened, Lyra would free to seek out her Master or conclude Nomi was dead, in which case, she was to inform the New Jedi Order of her suspicions. Lyra was sure she would have felt the passing of her Master through the Force, so something else was going on.

Lyra eventually landed in the company of Trig Mabbu, a noble Ithorian, in need of some serious moral guidance. Trig promised Lyra a handsome salary, which she sends to her family, and all of the networking help a noble can bring. She ended up in this position due to her Jedi mission gone awry, and is still on the search for her missing Jedi Master as she and her compatriots travel the universe.


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