Scoundel CL-5


Name: Krieaux

Planet of Origin: Uba IV

Physical Description: 5’5” wears her Ubese environment suit. Her suit is black with dark red and brown sections. The red is stars and the brown are stripes across the legs and arms only of the suit.

Likes/Dislikes: Loves machines, computers or anything mechanical. Severely dislikes people does her best to avoid all interaction. He hates Force users blaming them for her lot in life.

Family: Her family was massacred by the Sith. They captured her older brother and she is determined to save him.


Krieaux had a standard Ubese upbringing on her planet at least for the first 15 years of her life. She was unaware of the corrupt nature of the business her family ran. Krieaux’s family was very highly technology based and often used technology in order to gain profit.

They never cared much what their technology did after it left their hands as long as they got paid. Krieaux learned at a young age how to use explosives and every tool imaginable. She became very adept at working with machines ranging from droids to super computers, and nothing remained a mystery to her for long. She would simply take it apart to learn how it worked, putting it back together was never much of a priority; to Krieaux theory always trumps utility, if she understood it then she was done.

To say the least Krieaux doesn’t do well with people, she simply doesn’t understand them and really has no desire to understand them, they are most likely backstabbing and untrustworthy, but to her nothing beats the sound of whirring gears or the sound of the screams of those upon whom she must exact her revenge.

Due to her family’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” way of business, it was fairly simple for them to engage in criminal or even homicidal affairs, however, credits spend no matter who they come from. Krieaux often kept away from the deal making her family was making simply because her parents never wanted anyone to know about her because then she could be used as blackmail. Her brother Sheek was always allowed at meetings because he needed to learn how to run the business for when his parents retired.

One fateful day her family was commissioned to build a device that would not only stop a hyperdrive in mid-jump but would also cause the ship to implode leaving no trace. The device did not work as intended, and the targeted members of the Sith were not killed by the device. It did not take the Sith long to break Xerxot, a Zygarrian freelance spacer who had commissioned the device.

He quickly turned over the name of Krieaux’s family and the Sith came down to Uba IV, to show their displeasure. The members of the Sith killed Krieaux’s family except for her brother Sheek, who they took so that they might continue to teach all the Ubese what happens to those who threaten the Sith.

Krieaux was hidden in a compartment under the shop and heard all of the carnage, but since she had been kept a secret she was not searched for, therefore she was not found. Krieaux came out to see the carnage wrought on her family and all those in her city and vowed to save her brother and get revenge for all those killed.

Krieaux was too sheltered to know the difference between Sith and Jedi, but was able to comprehend that all that wield the Force do so to take charge of others. Inside of her bread a large distrust for all Force users.

Alone, bitter, and scared Krieaux was surviving the best she could but still felt as if she were doomed. She had been outcast and told to never show her face in the city by the survivors of the massacre, her family was to blame for what had happened and if she were to come back she would be given what she deserved: a fate worse than her family.

A few weeks later a group from the Republic was sent to see if there were any survivors in the wreckage on Uba IV. It didn’t take Krieaux long to identify the Force user in the group. She didn’t understand the Force but she had a plan in order to better understand it. The Force must be like any other machine or computer program, if you can dissect it you can learn from it.

In the night she snuck up on the Jedi and drugged him, since he was asleep she had very little trouble overpowering him. She had prepared by putting wax in her ears so that he could not influence her with the Force, and so she wouldn’t have to hear his screams. She took him to her family’s soundproofed workshop and went to work. She systematically took him apart in an effort to discover how the Force works. Hours later she was surrounded by carnage but still had no idea how the Force works. The Jedi was far beyond saving by the end of the night, in the morning she was found still studying the results of her labors, tyring to find what she had overlooked.

The rescue team who had tracked the Jedi’s transponder and found Kireaux still poking around in the remains, looking for the biological organ which controlled access to the force. They were certain she should be sentenced to death for her actions against the Republic and the Jedi order. The crew took Krieaux to the Republic to be put on trial, upon arrival she was questioned by a Jedi, he had no doubt about her disdain for his order and all those like him but was able to glean from her aura that having been sheltered she thought all Force users were the same.

In an effort to save Krieaux from herself and her own misconceptions, Priux, a Kel’Dor Jedi Master, sentenced Krieaux to a period of service in the Republic alongside the Jedi so she could learn what the Jedi Order was all about. She was put on a tracker and was not allowed to ever be alone with Force users due to the mutual distrust between the two parties. At first Krieaux was enraged but decided that she would bide her time, the tracker was well within her capabilities to disable, but decided the time for that had not come. She was also certain that this would give her the opportunity to better learn how to beat the Force wielding scum at their own game, Sith or Jedi it didn’t matter all they cared about was their own justifications for making the galaxy bend to their will.

Krieaux eventually found herself as one of the mechanics on one of the Republic’s ships which was sent to Jakku to deal with what was reported as an uprising potentially linked to the Empire. After four years of punishment she had begun to gain the trust of a few Jedi and all those on her ship, though her own mistrust was still there she kept it hidden. It is easy to keep things hidden when you minimize contact and just watch people.

Upon arrival she started feeling something pulling her, calling to her, and as they descended in the desert to investigate droid attacks and an explosion, the call became almost deafening in her ears. What was it? Whatever it was, it was coming from a sand dune, perhaps something was buried in it? She had to know


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