Noble CL-1/Scout CL-4


Name: Kardo Strax
Age 160
Height: 2.73 m
Weight: 225 kg
Hair: None
Eyes: Orange
Skin: Magenta



Kardo grew up with his family. And when he of age, he was sent off for higher education. He did well in his studies and was just one year away from being a starship designer. But, as Gen’Dai often do, he di not feel that he had to rush to get his degree in starhship design, instead he felt that this was a good time to take a year or so off and travel.

His Dad, however, remembered letting his brother go and travel for a couple of years before going to school, and typical of Gen’Dai had yet to return to finish, wanted Kardo to graduate first. (His brother may someday go off for an advanced education, but it is hard to put the genie back in the bottle.)

So, without his Dad’s permission Kardo decided that he could do this on his own. and signed-on as part of a ship’s crew of a freighter. He would be a junior pilot, the one that ends up as the pilot the ship on the third shift out in the middle of nowhere. The crew was mostly Togorians, which was comfortable since size wise he fit right in.

This seemed like a pretty straight forward job, but it did not take long to see that this was not a normal freighter moving cargo from one port to another. Sometime they would “pick-up” cargo mid-route, from other ships or planets, usually under fire. He would have left, but it is hard to leave when they are shooting at you, and want to put you in jail. Because of this deception, to this day he does not trust Togorians.

This sort illegal operations went on for over nine months. Then came a raid that did not go to well. Let’s just say being locked in an escape pod for a a few months until he could eject it from the broken piece of ship was better that floating in space with the debris of the rest of the ship and the rest of the crew.

After floating for another week, the pod homed in on a planet and landed. Kardo spent 20 years being stranded on a small rock of a planet before he was rescued. Of course this leaded to many questions like “Who are you?” and “What ship were you on?”. He had a lot of time to create a story, which basically worked. He was released and left. Then some computer deep in the heart of some bureaucracy suddenly matched his application picture for a new pilot license to some of the raids. An alert went out, to pick him up for questioning. Kardo knew this might happen and he had planned for just such an event. In the end, only a Gran slicer and him are the only ones that know the truth. Hopefully he can be trusted to keep his mouth shut.

Spending his last credits to “clear” his name left in needing another job. This time he was much more selective and found a job as a pilot doing small runs for the Jedi council. They pay well, they are honest, and they are very receptive to his continuing studies. (Yes Dad, someday I will finish that degree.)


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