Garash LongFang

Togorian Soldier CL-5


Physical Description: Garash has the stripes of his father, white stripes like a white Bengal tiger. He has a single spot in the middle of his forehead that his father had as well. He is 2.35 meters tall (7’7”) weighing about 420 pounds. He has piercing blue eyes and sharp white teeth. He has short coarse fur.


Planet: Togoria
Age: 28
Name: Garash LongFang
Born: Garash was born on Togoria to a Mother, Father, and 2 twin sisters.

Likes/Dislikes: He likes to drink and perform feats of strength. He tries to be the best at what he does striving to outdo all others to prove himself.

Personality: Garash fights like he has something to prove (Actually he does). He is fierce in his disposition and guarded that there are people looking for him. He is loyal to those he considers his friends and dangerous to those he doesn’t.

Background: His father was a Hunt Leader while his mother was a well-respected Healer in the city where his sisters follow in her paw-prints.
Garash’s world was shattered as he was out on hunt with his father and Toray (a fierce rival of the family for dominance). Garash’s father was training him in the ways of the hunt to take his place of pride on the hunt. During a particularly savage hunt of a large Bist, Garash ‘s father was cut low. Not by the beast, but by a poisoned arrow shot into his back by Toray. Garash was enraged, but instead of attacking Toray, Garash found himself running. In fear of his own life. He ran deep into the forests more in fear of his actions of cowardice then the dangers present in the wilds. Not being able to live with his actions, once he made his way back to his den, he gathered what he could and fled Togoria, vowing to one day return and set accounts straight. Until then he would live with his dark secret. That was the last time he saw his mother and Sisters…
Garash found passage on small ships going from one port to another, taking on whatever work he could to pay for a bed and a drink when he met up with Dart Manthu, a well-known Smuggler form the Kessel system. Being an imposing figure, Manthu quickly recruited Garash as hired muscle. Garash worked for Manthu for several years building quite a reputation as bloodthirsty and having something to prove. Little did they know the rumors were closer than they thought?
On one strange run, a mysterious patron contracted Manthu for a scavenge job on a derelict in space. They were to find and return a device kept on a long abandoned hunk of junk floating in space. After much time they found the derelict which looked already picked over MANY times before. They boarded the ship and began the search. After hours of no luck they started back to the smuggler’s ship when Garash noticed a part of the wall of one corridor was slightly ajar. Since everyone else had already headed for the shup, Garash pried open the wall panel and found some sort of shrine with a metallic crystal hovering at its center bearing an internal glow. Something called out to Garash from the crystal, saying he should take the crystal and hide it. He took the crystal and returned to the ship, with nobody the wiser. The voice that called out to Garash called out again telling him to disappear, that these men should not find the artifact. When they returned to the patron without the prize, Manthu noticed discrepancies in the logs and when he went to ask Garash about them he found him gone. He left the smugglers in the night, never looking back but always looking over his shoulder.

He travelled the sector for several years successfully avoiding confrontation with the smugglers, hiring himself out for strong-arm work as he could until he found himself in a small cantina on Tatooine. While drinking away the day, Garash noticed a small hand dart into his coin pouch and clutch the mysterious artifact. Garash went into a blind rage, fuelled by drink and fear that he was found. They couldn’t make out much from what was left of the thief or has companions, but Garash did not remember much, just the blood rage. He was eventually taken into custody and placed in the local prison. No longer having the funds to bail himself out, he was ordered to the mines to work off his debt. Unknown to him, there was another person at the cantina that noticed the display, An Ithorian Noble named Trig Mabbu was in the bar and, noticing the outcome of the events and the Togorian’s battle skills, paid Garash ’s fees if he agreed to enter his employ as a bodyguard. Garash readily agreed, at least until something better comes along…..

Garash LongFang

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