Davin Darklighter

Noble/1, Scout/1, Jedi/3 - CL-5


Davin is very tall for a standard human, standing 2.03 meters. In addition to his unusual height, Davin also possesses gold/amber/gray colored eyes which are very rare among human stock and an indicator of his mixed genetic heritage. Davin has thick, luxurious, white/silver long hair with an almost metallic shine. Davin has a slender build for his height and moves with the trained walk of a skilled fighter. His skin is a smooth deep bronze color. He wears his hair long with a classic warrior’s braid with two wind braids.

A visually striking Near Human, he has high cheekbones, a straight nose, a somewhat triangular face with pointed chin, and thick dark eyebrows and incredibly charming smile, when he chooses to use it. Typically his features are schooled in a near scowl in an attempt to discourage others from engaging him in conversation. A set of striking black, perhaps tribal, tattoos cover the left side of is face and extend down onto his chest. The were placed there by the Kamino Clone Master Tuan We, but no one knows why they were added or what the markings mean.

He has long slender, nimble fingers and is given to making elegant sweeping gestures. He wears a ring on his left hand with the Darklighter family crest. Davin normally wears an all temperature cloak with a hood over his armor and clothes, concealing the light saber and heavy blaster pistol he wears in a quick draw tied down hip holster. Davin prefers dark colored, loose-fitting clothing. He normally wears shirts in shades of black or dark gray, and dark blue pants with a blood stripe from the Military Academy he graduated from. He always wears his custom fitted Krayt Dragon Hide boots with every outfit.


Name: Davin Darklighter
Age: 26, decanted on Kamino two years ABY.
Height: 2.03 m (6’ 8")
Weight: 125 kg (275 lbs)
Family: Baron Jacob and Lady Mara Darklighter, (adoptive parents – adoption finalized 10 ABY)
Siblings: None.
Planet: Tatooine (he as created on Kamino and spent the first eight years there being trained, but grew up on Tatooine on the Darklighter estates).

Personality: Davin has instilled in him by his father a deep need to be of service to his family, his planet, and to the New Republic. Davin is very much like his “cousins” Briggs and Gavin Darklighter, in that he wants to serve through action instead of diplomacy. He has always dreamed of leaving his home world behind and flying throughout the Galaxy doing important missions for the New Republic. He practised his piloting skill by making high speed runs down Beggars Canyon and hitting the small womp rats on the move – just his famous cousins and Luke Skywalker did.

Davin believes in the New Jedi Order and the New Republic. He wants to live up the examples set by both Biggs and Gavin Darklighter who were considered heroes of the Galactic Civil War; and, of course, the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker who all came from Tatooine. With Biggs dead and Gavin serving as commander of the famous Rogue squadron; and Luke now serving as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, Davin has big shoes to fill.

Davin actually follows a more ancient form of the Jedi Code, than is currently being used. This version of the Code was taught him by the Jedi Gatekeeper on the Holocron.

There is no dark side, nor a light side
There is only the Force,
I will do what I must to keep the Balance,
There is no good without evil,
But evil must not be allowed to flourish unchecked,

There is Ignorance, yet, there is Knowledge,
There is Passion, yet, there is Peace,
There is Emotion, yet, there is Serenity
There is Chaos, yet, there is Order,

I am the protector of the Balance,
I am a holder of the torch, lighting the way for others,
I am both a soldier and a guardian of the Balance,
I am a Jedi!

Ancient alternative form of the Jedi Code from the Age of Knights of the Old Republic

Likes/Dislikes: Davin has no patience for indecision. Good, bad, or whatever, make a decision and stick with it. If you’re wrong, apologize and move on. He appreciates any well-crafted weapons, machinery, and droids. Given the code he lives by, Davin is fairly tolerant of less than stellar behaviour. He reserves his judgement until he has a chance to see for himself if the individual is as bad as others say.

Davin will not willingly see others hurt if he can stop it. He is loyal to his friends, and absolutely loyal to his family, who he will protect at almost all costs. Davin has a good sense of humor and appreciates the various ironies in life. Davin is also big on actions, not words, are the way to tell the truth about someone.

History: Davin Darklighter was one of the clones commissioned by the Emperor as part of his experiments to create a clone with Force abilities. He was created on Kamino by the Taun We. Davin’s genetic template was a mix of DNA from the Jedi Corran Horn (taken while he was incarcerated in Lusankya prison before he became the first person ever escape the prison) and from Biggs Darklighter’s corpse found drifting in space after the Battle of Yavin – Biggs was considered to be one the best star pilots in the Rebel Alliance.

The Emperor wanted to have better storm trooper pilots so he had his agents search the debris field for rebel corpses, looking for famous names. The Emperor’s agents recovered enough of Bigg’s body after the battle to use his DNA sequence for the clone. A third DNA source was used at the specification of the Emperor, but even the Kaminoan Clone Master Taun We was not allowed to know its origin.

The clone (X-CB1138) was grown on Kamino and survived activation. X-CB1138, showed the potential for using the Force very early, astounding the Clone Master’s as most clones can never even sense the Force much less use it. Trained in the Sith Shadow Hand Force tradition, as specified by the Emperor, X-CB1138 grew strong in the force. After the destruction of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor, the Kaminoan Clone Master suddenly found himself with a viable product, but no one to pay for it.

Contacting the Rebel Alliance, they offered to sell the product at much reduced price. When the Alliance saw the DNA mapping included both Biggs Darklighter and Jedi Corran Horn, they quickly agreed to work out a deal to purchase X-CB1138. The Alliance contacted both the Horn and Darklighter families to see if anyone wished save X-CB1138 could provide the asking price for the young clone. Baron Jacob Darklighter and his wife, Lady Mara responded to the plea and sent the required credits to Kamino to purchase the clone, and X-CB1138 was sent to them.

The Darklighter’s gave the X-CB1138 a name: Davin Darklighter. The Darklighter’s fell in love with the young boy from the moment they first met him. Dismissing the “clone” label, they had his medical records altered to show his genetic heritage as a Near Human born in space and orphaned by a tragic accident. Even though the Kaminoans provided a full medical history on X-CB1138, they could not prove who provided the third DNA source, although it was widely speculated it was from Emperor Palpatine.

They adopted him formally making him part of the Baron’s family and automatically bestowing Noble status on him. While not a Jedi, Baron Darklighter possessed some Force talents and recognized the young Davin’s potential. But the Baron could sense there was a darkness already taking seed in the young man as a result of his Dark Side training. So the Baron decided to teach Davin about the Force and guide him to the Light Side of the Force. While the teachings were helpful, Baron Darklighter provided the young clone with both love and respect, but more importantly, he provided him with he one thing guaranteed to turn him to the Light Side, a loving, and famous family with a long, proud, and honored tradition of serving the Light Side of the Force both commoner and Noble alike.

Davin had never known such an amazing thing as a parent’s love, and, at first he resisted this “weakness” as he had been taught, but eventually, he came to realize the teachings he had grown up with did not fit this new life. By the time Davin reached his early teens, he loved his adopted parents fiercely and readily embraced the Darklighter heritage, vowing to never serve the Dark Side of the Force. Davin would do anything to protect his new found parents and extended family.

On his sixteenth birthday, young Davin received a package from off-world. There was no identifying information to tell who it came from, except it had been shipped from Coruscant. Inside the package was very unusually shaped ancient light saber ( Davin Darklighter’s Light saber), a beautifully made utility belt with a tie-down holster containing a customized blaster pistol and a clip for the light saber.. The package also contained a customized set of dark colored, used, light Jedi-style battle armor.

Even the Baron’s contacts could not determine who sent the package to Davin. Davin used his force senses to examine the equipment to see if there was any Dark Side taint. While he didn’t sense any Dark Side taint, he did discover a hidden compartment in the handle of the light saber. Strangely enough, the light battle armor fit like a glove, requiring no adjustment. Davin could sense the armor had been exposed to the Force, but he could not determine exactly what that did to the armor. Even the Baron was surprised at how someone could determine Davin’s measurements so accurately. The darkened battle armor had a menacing appearance; it seemed free of any Force influence – Light or Dark. It was however constructed of a curious weave which turned out to be amazingly tough. Davin found out later the armor was constructed using cortosis-weave made from cortosis ore, and not only did it serve as armor, it could deactivate a light saber on contact.

When Davin managed to open the hidden compartment, he found a old, rare Jedi Holocron. This old Jedi Holocron contained the history and teachings of the Halcyon line of Force users. Only someone with the right genetics could activate it. If anyone other than a Halcyon tried to access it, they would be badly damaged or even killed by the Holocron Gatekeeper. Davin’s hunger to learn about the Force led him attempt to access the Holocron even though it could kill him. Much to his surprise, the Gatekeeper acknowledged him as a valid user and granted him access to its knowledge. Davin swore to follow its teachings, learning and practising in secret to one day be counted as a Jedi. Davin knew, given his unusual parentage, that he would probably never be accepted to the Jedi Academy for training, but he could still serve the New Jedi Order – provided he could prove he was a Jedi.

In the meantime, Davin attended the same military academy as did his famous cousins Biggs and Gavin Darklighter and learned the skills of a pilot and a scout. His piloting skills were so outstanding that he graduated first in his class and unknowingly made a life-long enemy in Roan Novachez, the pilot who always came in second, and who was irrationally jealous of the Darklighter talent for flying. It didn’t he;p that a young female Zeltron, Irrissa, who became infatuated with Davin. Irrissa was drawn to the Davin because she could not use her empathic abilities to read him, making him constantly fascinating to her. Up to the point, Irrissa met Davin, Roan fancied he had the inside track with the incredibly beautiful young cadet. Davin serious nature was made lighter by his association with the hedonistic Irrissa. She, in turn, benefited from Davin’s ability to get her to buckle down and study. The two were practically inseparable until graduation, where they both had to return to their home worlds.

Roan Novachez would eventually be accepted into the Jedi Academy., where once again Roan had difficulty with star pilot training. When Davin arrived, Roan was one of the first to cast doubt on Davin. When Davin demonstrated his abilities as both a Star Pilot and a Jedi, Roan was once again bitterly reminded of always coming in second best. Roan was the one to leak the truth of Davin being a clone to the Jedi Council using a copy of the sealed records he had stolen from the Darklighter computer. Oddly enough, Davin has no clue as to Roan’s true feelings and treats him like a friend.

After he graduated from the Republic military academy, Davin repeatedly applied to join the New Jedi Order. After being turned down with no explanation given to him, over and over again, Davin almost gave up. But a passing stranger mentioned something about how there were so few Jedi being recruited that the New Jedi Order was looking far and wide for Force users. Davin once again applied, this time using a false name, and this time he was accepted and travelled to the new Jedi Temple for testing. Once he got there, his deception was quickly discovered. Davin showed the Jedi the letters of rejection and then the letter of acceptance with exactly the same background – clearly he was being denied access just because of his name. What Davin didn’t know was that Roan Novachez had already be accepted to the academy and was blocking Davin’s acceptance. The Jedi Academy headmaster ruled that Davin was not at fault and accepted him into the academy providing he could prove he belonged there.

However, many of the Jedi and students still did not trust the earnest young Near Human. This distrust was constantly being subtlety fanned by Roan whenever possible. While his medical records still showed him as a Near Human, somehow the Jedi Council found out he was one of Emperor Palpatine’s clone experiments. The clones created by the Emperor had created havoc with the New Republic before and were not to be trusted. Even though Davin was raised by the Darklighters, he was still a clone, created at the order of the Emperor. Davin successfully passed the tests to become a Jedi, but he still was not trusted by the Jedi Council as they also detected some Dark Side taint which remained with him as a result of his earlier Sith training.

No Jedi Master would accept him as a Padawan, but Davin clearly was strong in the Force and needed to be trained. The Jedi Council undertook to study this difficult situation and determine what would become of young Davin. No one knows exactly what went on during the council, but it was decided that Davin would be granted the status of a Jedi based on the skills he already possessed, even though he was extremely young to be accepted as a full Jedi. This would mean he would not serve as a Padawan or need a Jedi Master to take him as an apprentice. This was only the second time such a decision had been made in the hundreds of years of the Jedi tradition. It was rumored that Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker had to intervene to get the council to come to this decision. Because of this, Davin did not make many friends on the council and many Jedi would treat him with suspicion from this point onward – always waiting to see if he fell to the Dark Side as did all the other clones before him.

Finally, the Jedi Master Corran Horn volunteered to be his “Master in Absentia” and under took to guide young Davin in the ways of the Force and help him become a Jedi Knight. Corran knew his genetics were woven into the genetic template used to create Davin and viewed him as sort of a surrogate son. Corran did not let on to Davin that he was one of his genetic “fathers” to him, but both Corran and Davin quickly established a strong bond of trust and respect for each other. While Davin would never admit to chaffing under any kind of “master”, he readily accepted the leadership of Corran, his instincts telling him he could trust this rather unusual Jedi Master.

Corran Horn also serves on the Coruscant Intelligence Committee as the Jedi Knight Representative of the Jedi Council and when a series of strange reports from the Outer Rim began filtering in, it triggered his Jedi Farseeing ability and Corran had a Vision. Corran informed the Jedi Council about what he sensed and received permission to send his “Padawan Jedi”, Davin, to investigate.

Although the Jedi Council has it doubts about the accuracy of Corran Horn’s Vision, Davin had no doubt all about his Master’s abilities and has eagerly accepted the mission. Davin has secured the use of a used YT-1930 Corelllian freighter the Archimede’s Fulcrum for his mission.

Davin Darklighter

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