A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

STAR WARS – A New Threat From An Old Enemy

“Well, if there’s a bright center to the universe, you’re on the planet its farthest from.” – Luke Skywalker.

The Outer Rim, a long way from anywhere

The Planet Jakku, Present Day:

A small star ship lands at one of the numerous docks scattered around the star port “Salvage One” on Jakku. It’s lone inhabitant leaves the ship, shrugging his robes over his weapons harness to conceal the heavy blaster hanging by his side. Pulling his hood up to conceal his face, he pauses for a moment and the end of the landing ramp as if hesitant to take the final step onto the planet’s surface. Stiffening his resolve, he strides confidently away as the landing ramp closes behind him.

So begins a very dangerous mission, a mission with millions of lives at stake; a mission that only a few in the New Republic know about, and even less really believe in. However, he believes, because he has no choice. Through the Force he has seen a vision, a vision of epic destruction. Strangely enough, a HoloNet message sent months ago during the Battle of Jakku See Wiki: Battle of Jakku is the reason the Galaxy may be in terrible danger.

But the New Republic cannot afford to ignore the potential for such a disaster, no matter how slight the chance it may be real; so they have dispatched one of the few agents available who is strong in the Force to try to prevent disaster.

However, before he can even start his mission, he has to visit a bar……

Outside the Outer Rim, Somewhere in Deep Space

A massive fleet, located out in deep space – far beyond the Outer Rim, received the message requesting all Imperial forces to rally to the Battle at Jakku, but it would not, could not respond. The Emperor’s orders were absolute – overriding any and all other priorities:

The Dark Fleet would complete its mission before being allowed to under taking any other actions. Month’s later, after successfully completing its original mission, the Dark Fleet, which is, in reality, the First Imperial Sword Fleet of the Emperor’s Own Imperial Guard, is finally on its way back Led by its massive flagship, the Imperial Star Destroyer Katana, the Sword Fleet is finally heading towards the heart of the Known Galaxy — the Core Worlds.

The return voyage will take several weeks to complete, but it will be time well spent, as the fleet begins the complicated process re-arming for war, converting its weapons to use the new technology brought back from the endless void.. Once the Fleet is in range of the Galactic Navigation Net, the newly re-armed ships will be able to navigate safely through hyperspace, and be able to bring their massive hyper drives on line, to once again bring swift retribution to the enemies of the Emperor. All they would need is orders on where to strike first….

Star Wars - A New Threat Arises

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